Suck it !!

This is the story of a reckless young girl caught up in her point of view challenging an immortal old man's apathy. Bright-eyed look at the life before them vs jaded eyes with nothing but time. "You can go suck it for all I care!"

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What is Suck it !! about?

It's about telling everyone to suck it and doing what you want. It's about what eternity does to you. It's about what it would truly mean for everything and everyone to buzz off. It's about how simultaneously free and restricted we are.

Or it's about a teen girl and an apathetic vampire having a laugh, I dunno.

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Suck it !! launches!

March 14th, 2015, 4:31 am

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Suck it !!! Comics coming soon!

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