Suck it !!

This is the story of a reckless young girl caught up in her point of view challenging an immortal old man's apathy. Bright-eyed look at the life before them vs jaded eyes with nothing but time. "You can go suck it for all I care!"

About the author

My favourite manga is Tokyo Ghoul, my fave super-hero is Spider-man and my fave video game is The World Ends With You.

I'm not good at random chats but I take well to new people when they state their purpose. And then we can talk about... I get chatty when it comes to manga and philosophical nonsense? I'm sort of a super happy person but this smol is also packed with angry ego. I just like drawing stuff, man.

My update schedule is irregular although my goal is to release a chapter every month (SJ is a side-mirror tho with the aim of updating with a part twice a week). You can always see the latest episodes over on Tapas or re-read chapters in an uninterrupted vertical scroll over at Webtoons. Any relevant news pertaining to the comic will appear on Red's twitter (feel free to ask him stuff and he'll respond hueh)!

Where did "Suck it!!" come from?

Believe it or not, the concept was born while reading numerous Twilight reviews back in the day (I was in high-school). These writings gave me ideas for my own vampires and there were some scenarios I daydreamed with them. Since then, it gained some layers and more influences as YA continued to be a thing thanks to Twilight, however there were other influences too. I like to call this comic as an anti-thesis to YA? I dunno. Anyway, eventually I got fed up with not getting anywhere with my stories so I picked the story that needed the least prep and just started posting. And that's the comic you are looking at now!

Story so far...

Loner: Kayna is a rambunctious, reckless high-school girl with a tendency to try and convert others into her own style of living. The story starts with her attempts to do this to her class resident gloomy-face who goes by "Lamar Striges". Somehow, she manages to convince him to join her and her friend Tak in a game of basketball after school hours. However, he leaves after receiving a mysterious phonecall and Kay decides to follow him much to Tak's chagrin. This lands her in a sticky situation, forcing "Lamar" to save her and reveal his identity as a vampire.

Sucker: Left with many questions and worries concerning the apparent existence of vampires and her near-death experience, Kay still chooses to meet with her friend Edith. There, she coincidentally runs into "Lamar". She unsuccessfully tries to convince Edith of his being a vampire. In the end, she finds some reassurance and understanding about "Lamar".

Glutton: Somewhat at peace after having accepted that vampires are indeed a real thing, Kay now seeks to understand "Lamar" further. She learns that "Lamar" is not his real name at all and he no longer recalls his birth name. This prompts Kay to give him a nickname and she settles on calling him "Red" as a jab at his clothing aesthetic. The encounter is capped off by her friend Melinda showing an interest in getting to know Red, asking that he be invited to a party.

Party animal: ...


You can find all characters and some basic information here in their own folder on my account.

still gonna make images for 'em tho :3c